Maximum Visibility Improves Safety – The Importance of Seeing and Being Seen

The lights and the windshield wipers play a crucial role in order to keep you secure while driving on the roads. If you can’t be seen or see clearly where you are going and what’s happening you might be far more likely to be involved in some kind of road accident, it makes sense really.


With this in mind, it’s important that you pay regular focus on your lights and windshield wipers and present them a check over. In case a light bulb has broken from the driving seat so it’s important to get a regular check from outside the automobile and replace any bulbs which have broken, you can’t always tell.

Wiper blades also need to be inspected and replaced as necessary – it’s no good waiting until you’re caught within a torrential downpour to realize your wipers don’t work properly and clear the water from the windshield efficiently enough for you to see where you’re going.

Here are a few things you should remember:

• It is important to keep all of your lights clean, which includes headlights, signal tail and lights lights. If your lights are covered in dirt or debris they won’t light your way quite so well and make it more difficult for other individuals to see you coming.


• The aim of your headlights is additionally extremely important. In case your headlights aren’t aimed correctly you can blind the oncoming traffic in addition to reduce your own ability to see clearly on the road ahead.

• If you are unsure about whether it is dark enough or dull enough to change on your head lights – switch them on anyway. Lights simply cannot only signify you will see better during those twilight hours or on dark and dismal days in addition they help other road users and pedestrians to discover you coming.

• Don’t drive faster than your mind lights. Okay, enough of the wise cracks, what this really means is that you should drive at a speed where you can safely stop on the inside of the illuminated area. When you don’t do this you will be constantly driving in a blind spot and potential crash area.

So, that’s the lights sorted out, what about the windshield wipers?

Wiper systems are important to clear excessive dirt, debris, snow and water from building up on the windshield and hampering the vision. In order to maintain clear visibility they’ve have got to do a good job – merely smearing dirt across a windshield will only make matters worse.


Many different factors come into play when it comes to the longevity of windshield wipers. In some conditions they must be replaced considerably more frequently than the others, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that individuals in the wettest places must replace their wipers most often. People who reside in desert states may find their wiper blades actually deteriorate faster than others in more temperate climates, and don’t forget about the rear window wiper blade as well while you’re at it.

In certain states you will find laws which state you need to have your headlights on when windshield wipers happen to be in use – the two items really do go together to form the perfect combination to help you be and see seen keeping you and also other road users as safe as is possible.

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