Paint Protection


The protection racket for paint.

With the coming of modern water based paints comes the situation of paint degradation.

Using a constant attack from acid rain, UV exposure, bird strikes, road salt, road stone and tar chips the paint is undoubtedly under an onslaught of attack.

So, what can you because of protect your paint work from this damage?

Films are popular and a lot of may be found in kit form with pieces pre cut to the shape of your car. These are generally placed in high-risk areas and can be very easily removed should they become damaged. This is probably your best option to go for, specifically if you travel a whole lot on fast roads with the increased probability of stone chips.

Car paint has many enemies so that it needs all the protection it can get.

The films are cut from a heavy grade of plastic and are clear. The film is chosen for its flexibility which helps it to mould to the car and this can also help form an efficient barrier against stone chips. The film is cut to match the panels of your own car so there will be no visible seams cutting across a panel.

Wraps in which a vinyl sticker cover the car look fantastic and are a good way to protect the paint. Although not really designed to shield the paint against stone chips they will resist bird strikes, road tar and the majority of minor chips.

Paint coatings, best used low on the car nearby the wheels and minimize front bumper. This forms a thick clear layer and gives another line of defence against stone road and chips spray. It can still get unsightly but no less than you have the use of removal with cutting paste revealing your intact paint below.

Many off road vehicles come with much thicker paint around the wheel arches and near the sills, the Audi Allroad is a good example. As it is hard to match this thicker paint you will sometimes find that a contrasting colour is used.

A straightforward DIY method which should be part of every car owners maintenance regimen is the effective use of a Wax. Wax aids in UV protection, reducing the fade caused by sunlight. It also forms a barrier against bird strikes.

One lucky owner who waxed his car every couple of weeks experience a paint stripper attack. The paint stripper just washed off along with the layer of wax had protected the paint underneath. This goes to exhibit that wax should never be underestimated as a paint protection.

An automobile bra will fit on the front in the car and gives the ultimate protection to your paint. It looks a little strange though but may be the preferred method of protection for track day drivers due to its easy to remove nature.

Car bras are frequently used in the motor trade when cars are transported to protect a vehicle and preserve the showroom appearance in the paint.